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East Lynne by Ellen Wood

A best-selling Victorian melodrama that is still worth reading today “my child dead, dead, dead! and he never knew me, never called me mother.” The line is from a theatre adaptation rather than from the novel, but this in itself shows the success of East Lynne. Forget the contrived genre of “sensational” novels of the … Continue reading East Lynne by Ellen Wood

Lost and Found

A Lazy Meander through the former coalfields The aim was simple. To find a way of riding to Chesterfield without going on a road. It might have helped if I’d had a map but I don’t know of any maps that include all the new paths and tracks that have been created for walkers and … Continue reading Lost and Found

Back in the Saddle

Cycling, with me, has always been as much a mental thing as a physical. It is a meditation, a philosophy; an attempt to achieve a state of mind. As such I’ve always taken it to be a solitary activity. And one to take one to quiet places. The bicycle used to take me to contemplative … Continue reading Back in the Saddle

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